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7/26/2017 Press Release

BC Chamber Network Welcomes New Government with Updated Policy & Positions Manual

BC Chamber Network Welcomes New Government with Updated Policy & Positions Manual

The BC Chamber of Commerce has released its 2017-2018 Policy & Positions Manual outlining its business advocacy priorities for the upcoming year, as defined by its province-wide network.

“The BC Chamber is releasing its 2017-2018 Policy & Positions Manual on the coattails of a new government,” said Val Litwin, President & CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce. “We will be sending copies of the Policy & Positions Manual to each MLA taking office so they may familiarize themselves with the issues impacting businesses across BC and learn more about what’s on BC’s mind.”

2017 marked a banner year for the BC Chamber with 64 policies submitted and supported by 47 individual chambers, including the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce and Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce who submitted policies for the first time. This is an increase of 31% in chamber participation and an increase of over 12% in overall policy resolutions submitted, which truly exemplifies the growth of engagement in BC’s largest and most broadly-based business network.

This year the BC Chamber championed a policy in partnership with the Richmond-based Young Entrepreneur Leadership Launchpad (YELL Canada), on “Protecting and Enabling Youth Entrepreneurship and Incorporation Under the Age of Majority”.

“Taking their cue from the Mark Zuckerberg’s of their generation, more and more entrepreneurial-minded youth are taking risks to start their own companies,” said Litwin. “This policy offers a viable solution that allows business owners under the age of majority to participate meaningfully in their own company, while also ensuring that the proper protections are in place for both youth and the general public.”

Policies submitted to the floor at the AGM are rigorously debated and discussed by Chamber members representing every nook and cranny of BC, and must receive support from at least two-thirds of the membership to be voted into force.

Another notably policy approved is:


Port and Major Airport Share Capitalization (Submitted by the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade with support of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce)

The Ministry of Finance is investigating the “share capitalization” of Canada’s ports and major airports, however BC’s Chambers recommend that the Federal government maintain a competitive and responsibly governed transportation industry by retaining the current governance model for Canada’s ports and major airports.

Anyone is welcome to view the 2017-2018 Policy & Positions Manual at