Visit Richmond

Well Situated

Richmond is an island city situated between the north and south arms of the Fraser River just south of Vancouver. Lulu Island is the largest and most developed of the 17 islands that make up the City. The Vancouver International Airport, Canada's Pacific Gateway, is located on Sea Island, north and west of Lulu. Mitchell Island, upriver to the east is a thriving industrial area.

Richmond's Business Advantage

Richmond is well situated to give business a most advantageous location for serving local, regional, North American, and overseas markets. The City's Pacific Coast location provides North America's shortest flights and shortest shipping routes to Asia and Canada's shortest flights and most direct highway access to the U.S. west coast. Richmond's time zone is also an advantage. You can do business in both North America and Asia in the same 8-hour workday. The City's mild climate makes it easy to do business and enjoy outdoor recreation all through the year.

Richmond's location within the Greater Vancouver Regional District provides businesses in Richmond with highway access to communities within the region while providing the region with air, road, and sea access to North America and the world.

Economic Development

The City's Economic Development Office encourages and facilitates economic expansion within the City of Richmond. At the same time, its goal is to provide employment opportunities for Richmond residents by facilitating development of a strong economy and business community.

The Office acts as a catalyst to bring together people, ideas and capital, ultimately leading to economic development and diversification. It also assists companies considering expansion or relocation in Richmond, by providing a range of services, including information on available land or premises, government programs, and facts and figures that may be useful in arriving at the right location decision.

Through careful planning, the City of Richmond continues to balance economic well being with environmental health in order to fulfill its vision of becoming the most appealing, liveable, and well managed community in Canada.