Business Excellence Awards

Nominate online now for the business excellence awards 2017.


The Richmond Chamber of Commerce's Business Excellence Awards honour Richmond businesses who have distinguished themselves in ten categories:

Small Business of the Year Award



Honours a business with 1 – 10 full time employees that demonstrates continual business excellence through positive business growth, a competitive business model and a commitment to the community.

Mid-Size Business of the Year Award



Honours a business with 11 – 50 full time employees that demonstrates business excellence as a noteworthy employer, with a focus on financial success and a superior business model 

Large Business of the Year Award



 Honours a noteworthy enterprise with more than 50 full time employees that leads with vision, and has demonstrated continued success.

Business Leadership of the Year Award

Honours a business that demonstrates leadership in their business practices, their industry, and the Richmond community. The business provides inspiration and acts as a positive role model in these areas.

Innovation Award of the Year

Honours a business that exemplifies successful innovation; displays vision in the development of new technologies, products and/or services and demonstrates the ability to take risks.


Green Business of the Year Award

Honours a business that demonstrates leadership with their environmental and sustainable business practices.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Honours an entrepreneur under the age of 40 who excels in business, exemplifies leadership and entrepreneurial skills and demonstrates exceptional vision that contributes to business success.

New Business of the Year Award

Honours a new business (2 years or less from the date of incorporation or first day of operation) that is achieving outstanding business performance in a short period of time, demonstrates exceptional promise for continued growth and serves as an inspiration for other new businesses.

Outstanding Workplace Award of the Year

Honours a business that excels while demonstrating a commitment to a healthy work environment through practices that benefit employees physically, intellectually and/or emotionally. Special attention will be paid to businesses that have taken measures to improve the quality of life of their employees.

Association of the Year Award


Honours an incorporated, not for profit, society that demonstrates organizational leadership and measurable success, as defined by the organization, in achieving its mandate.

Why Nominate?

Most successful business people recognize that their success in business is grounded on solid relationships. They devote time and effort in building and protecting these relationships because they understand that “people don’t care what you know until they know that you care”. A great way to show your trust and appreciation with people that you care about is to make sure that you take the time to nominate them for worthwhile awards. The Business Excellence Awards Gala is the Richmond Chamber’s largest and best recognized event of the year. It provides a wonderful platform to celebrate and publicize the successes of our best businesses and business leaders. It’s your opportunity to show your best clients, friends, family or business people that you admire, that you really do care – and all it takes is a minute of your time!

- Richard Nash, Investors Group Financial Services, Chair of the 2018  Business Excellence Awards Committee

How to Nominate:

 1. Simply fill out the online nomination form here and click submit. This should only take 5 minutes or less.
 2. Nomination deadline is 5:00pm, August 26th, 2018.
* Please note, nominees do not have to be members of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce but they do need to have a valid City of Richmond business license.Nominees will be asked to submit additional documents and answer questions intended to support their nomination.