2018 Municipal Election

With 36 candidates vying for your votes on October 20th, it can be difficult to know where the candidates stand on the key issues that are important to you. Richmond’s business community has made a number of these factors clear in 2018. Local business owners and their employees are focused on transportation, affordability, and reducing uncertainty and red-tape.

The Richmond Chamber of Commerce is the city’s largest business association, with a nearly 100 year history of non-partisan work for Richmond’s business community. We are pleased to continue this tradition of advocacy in sharing the survey results below.

The Richmond Chamber of Commerce would like to thank all candidates for their participation and congratulate each of them on their campaign. Short answer questions were also asked of all candidates and are available below.


34 Candidates for Mayor and City Council answered tough yes/no questions pertaining to the city's business community. Published at an All Candidates Mixer on October 10th and in the Richmond News on October 11th, these questions are designed to help Richmond's voters understand where each candidate stands on key issues. 

* Candidates Roy Sakata and Parm Bains did not respond by the survey deadline.


Short answer questions were developed by volunteers on the Richmond's Chamber's Policy Advisory Committee. The candidates were given space to expound on some of the key issues they believe face Richmond businesses. Below, answers are ordered by position the candidate is running for, and alphabetically by last name.

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(Please note that this file is intended to be printed double-sided on ledger-sized paper [11" x 17"] and folded as a booklet]
Additional copies of the print version are available at the Richmond Chamber of Commerce office at #202 - North Tower - 5811 Cooney Road, during business hours.
For any questions related to the above survey, please call 604-278-2822.