Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Origin is a document, required by foreign governments, declaring that goods in a particular international shipment are of a certain origin. Even though the commercial invoice usually includes a statement of origin, some countries require that a separate certificate be completed. Customs offices will use this document to determine whether or not a preferential duty rate applies on the products being imported. Certificates of origin are important because of trade agreements and regulations that might apply to goods coming from the Canada.

The data required for a certificate of origin is generally the same as for a commercial invoice. Basic information includes a description of the goods, gross and net weight, and the number of packages. The certificate will also include a brief statement as to the origin of the goods. A few countries require specialized certificates of origin that might include more detailed information and/or require a specific wording for its origin declaration.

While some countries require certificates of origin for all products, others may only require them for certain types of products. Almost all Middle Eastern countries require that certificates of origin accompany all shipments. Most Latin American and European countries, however, only require the certificate for certain products, such as textiles. Certificates of origin are generally unnecessary in Asia unless requested by the importer. African nations run the gamut of requirements.

For assistance in determining if a certificate of origin is required for a particular country, please contact the Trade Information Center .

[Sample Certificate of Origin]    

For instructions on how to complete the certificate of origin, please click here.

As a matter of policy and for reasons of liability, all documents presented to us must be notarized before the Chamber certifies them. Freight Forwarders/Exporters that frequently use our service often find the notarization process costly and time consuming; an alternative to notarization of these documents is through a “Letter of Waiver”. In addition to notarization, the Richmond Chamber of Commerce also requires a copy of your organization’s business registration and confirmation of annual business license renewal.

To view and download a sample "Letter of Waiver" please click on the links below:

Freight Forwarder Letter of Waiver                    Exporter Letter of Waiver

These letters MUST BE TYPED and COMPLETED ON YOUR COMPANY’S LETTERHEAD and MUST BE SIGNED AND SEALED BY A NOTARY OR COMMISSIONER OF OATHS. Please only use the template provided as other letters will not be accepted.

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The following prices are for 1 set of documents which is considered to be up to & including 8 pages. Additional pages will be extra. We will base sets on increments of 8 pages (if your set has 16 pages, we will consider that 2 sets...and so on).
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* Please note, Certificate of Origin services are non-refundable.

The Richmond Chamber of Commerce can not certify the following documents:

  • Certificates of origin from other countries;
  • Government inspection agency certificates;
  • NAFTA certificates of origin;
  • Any document with a boycott clause;
  • Scholastic degrees or diplomas;
  • Personal documents, such as divorce, marriage or death certificates.

    For more information please contact the Richmond Chamber Office at (604) 278-2822 or email rcc@richmondchamber.ca